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Lucy Frazer’s voting record in parliament

london-bigben-1500x850As shown in the numerous examples below, Lucy Frazer’s voting record contradicts the speeches she has made locally, to the press, and sometimes even in Parliament. South East Cambridgeshire voters deserve better representation.

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Not providing funding for an excellent education

Lucy Frazer told the Ely Standard and a local school in January how ‘damaging’ a lack of funding to schools had been, yet in the same month voted against a bill to call on the government to ensure all schools have funding to provide excellent education for all.



No genuine support for apprenticeships

Whilst saying locally in 2016 that access to apprenticeship schemes was ‘vital’ for young people, she voted this year against paying child benefit to parents whose children were undertaking one, making it financially impossible for some to participate.



Favouring for-profit education in a conflict of interest case

Lucy Frazer voted to allow assets of majority public-funded schools being transferred to a for-profit private company. Her husband is CEO of Study Group, a for-profit private company.


Refusing to give parents consultation rights on academy changes

In April 2016 Frazer chaired a meeting at Ely College ahead of its takeover by an academies trust, yet two months earlier had voted against the requirement to consult parents ahead of conversion into an academy. This shows an unwillingness to give locals proper rights to consult on major educational changes.



Refusing to involve parents in failing schools

In September 2015 Frazer voted against allowing parents of pupils greater involvement when there were concerns around a school’s performance – again showing that the voices of parents are ignored by her in matters of education.


Refusing to protect the education budget

In November 2015 Frazer voted against protecting the education budget in real terms. Though she has brought in some one-off grants, her vote sets under-funded South East Cambridgeshire schools even further back.



Against supporting the local life sciences sector and new NHS medicines/treatments

In March 2017 Frazer voted against supporting the life sciences sector of the economy and its parallel importance to new NHS medicines and treatments. Given this constituency’s proximity to the science parks of Cambridge North and the importance of new medicines and treatments in the NHS, this shows a lack of awareness of geography and compassion for those requiring treatment.


No right to accessing psychological therapies in the NHS constitution

In December 2015 Frazer voted against ensuring the right to psychological therapies on the NHS, against equality in entitlement to treatments and against a Government response to mental health. Three months later she was asking in Parliament about child mental health issues, despite her earlier vote preventing wider access to mental health services.



Frazer also said this year the Conservatives were ‘transforming’ the way mental health issues were being dealt with. Her voting record shows they are being transformed for the worse, with no rights or entitlement to therapy enshrined in the NHS constitution.



In favour of “asset stripping” Housing Associations

Frazer is keen to strip assets of Housing Associations – voting against a bill which would have required Councils’ proceeds from properties sold under right to buy being put back into replacement affordable homes in at least a 1:1 ratio.


Against providing affordable housing – unless you are a first-time buyer

Frazer also does not care for any other type of affordable housing besides starter homes, as she voted against requiring local authorities to promote the supply of such.


A month earlier she also voted against Government help for families struggling with the cost of housing, including building more affordable homes to rent and buy.


And in June 2015 Frazer also voted against tackling the housing crisis by building more homes and improving the private rented sector.


In support of uninhabitable rental housing

In January 2016, Lucy Frazer voted against a bill requiring landlords to keep rented homes ‘fit for human habitation’.



Stopping local councils running bus services

Despite the importance of rural transport – and in July 2015 making the point in Parliament that transport is a ‘key issue’ for SE Cambridgeshire – in January 2016 Frazer voted against regulation of local bus networks, and in March 2017 she voted to ban local councils running bus services.





Lack of support for refugees and resettlement projects and a contradictory voting record

Lucy Frazer has spoken of being in favour of helping refugees, has attended local events regarding resettlement, but she has voted against every measure to help refugees. She also rescinded the Dubs amendment which was to help bring unaccompanied refugee children in Britain.






Animal Welfare

Refusing to give a personal opinion on fox hunting

Lucy Frazer’s posters tell us she is “Standing with Theresa May”, but with the free vote they are planning for the repeal of the fox hunting ban it is unclear how she will vote on this issue. Bearing in mind over 80% of the population are in favour of keeping the ban, here she is at a recent hustings unable to give an actual answer:

Support for trading ivory – and the death of elephants

If Frazer is “Standing with Theresa May” rather than her local constituents, she would vote to uphold the manifesto pledge to repeal the ban on the ivory trade, condemning elephants to poaching and extinction.



Support for offshore businesses which aren’t ‘local’ in spirit

Lucy Frazer supports ‘local’ businesses with offshore accounts: in September 2016 she attended an awards ceremony organised by the Stonegate Pub Company Ltd., which runs the Hereward but is registered in the Cayman Islands..



Local Government

Defunding local councils whilst demanding more from them.

In November 2016 Lucy Frazer spoke on BBC radio about the need for councils to have the funds to care for the vulnerable, yet twice has voted for cuts to local funding – in February 2016 (24.6% lower than the year before) and February 2017 – 44% lower than the year before.




Party First

Toeing the party line

Lucy Frazer consistently puts her party before everything else, including her own opinions or those of her constituents. She has rebelled against her party line just once in 414 votes. She is a 99.8% party loyalist – regardless of the interests of her constituents.