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In conversation with candidates in the East Cambs District Council elections

We’ve been recording conversations with prospective candidates in the East Cambs District Council elections on May 2nd. Advertisements

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How could The Green New Deal be implenented by a local council like East Cambs?

The Green New Deal is an idea that is gaining a lot of momentum in the US after being championed by Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In the UK grassroot activists … Continue reading

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East Cambs Election Opinion Poll

We’ve set up an opinion poll for the East Cambs election on May 2nd. If you live in the district … TAKE PART IN THE POLL If you don’t live … Continue reading

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Why not stand as a City, Town or Parish councillor?

There are District, City, Town and Parish council elections on May the 2nd here in East Cambs. The District Council elections are fought over by the political parties and will … Continue reading

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Why not close the station underpass to motorised traffic?

Following the completion of the Ely Southern Bypass, the underpass at the station closed for several weeks. It reopened just over two weeks ago and has already been struck by … Continue reading

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Annual Amnesty Ely City jazz concert 16th July

Annual Amnesty Ely City jazz concert on 16th July in the grounds of the Old Palace in Ely

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Q&A with the SE Cambs Candidates

The following questions and answers were compiled by Stephen Germeney for a “Spotted in Ely” article.  He has kindly passed them to us following his initial email to candidates on … Continue reading

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