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Local people attempting to shake up local politics

Local Parish Council declares Climate Emergency

One of our local Parish Councils, Witchford, has become, we think, the first in the district to declare a Climate Emergency and pledges to become carbon neutral by 2030.  The … Continue reading

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Demand Democracy Day – July 6th

On July the 6th we’ll be campaigning in Ely Market Place as part of Make Votes Matter’s Demand Democracy Day to show and build support for Proportional Representation in general and local … Continue reading

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Our latest podcast episode with Ely for Europe

Our latest podcast episode features Ely for Europe. Virginie & Conrad talk about how the group was formed and what’s coming next.

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Our latest podcast episode with Extinction Rebellion Ely

Our latest podcast episode features Extinction Rebellion Ely. Extinction Rebellion are capturing headlines, hearts and minds nationally and internationally. This episode we get to hear about their plans for Ely.

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We’ve started a podcast! Ely Saying Something

The pilot episode of our new podcast is now available. Andy talks about the history of the group, why it exists and where it’s going. We already have plans for … Continue reading

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Failed by First Past The Post again

  Yet again our First Past The Post (FPTP) electoral system has let us down in East Cambridgeshire. No party got a majority of votes in the 2019 District Council … Continue reading

May 9, 2019 · 2 Comments

Election Results for East Cambs 2009-2017

   The graph above shows the vote shares for local and general elections in our area from 2009 to 2017* The Liberal Democrats ran the District Council just before the … Continue reading

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In conversation with candidates in the East Cambs District Council elections

We’ve been recording conversations with prospective candidates in the East Cambs District Council elections on May 2nd.

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How could The Green New Deal be implenented by a local council like East Cambs?

The Green New Deal is an idea that is gaining a lot of momentum in the US after being championed by Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In the UK grassroot activists … Continue reading

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East Cambs Election Opinion Poll

We’ve set up an opinion poll for the East Cambs election on May 2nd. If you live in the district … TAKE PART IN THE POLL If you don’t live … Continue reading

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