Ely & District Progressives

Local people attempting to shake up local politics

About the group

Ely Progressives are a group of local, politically engaged individuals attempting to shake up local politics by providing an alternative perspective and generating debate.

We believe in

  • Equality & Universal Human Rights
  • Environmental Protection & Sustainability
  • Openness & Transparency
  • Evidence, Facts & Experts
  • Collaboration & Co-operation
  • Community
  • Tolerance & Understanding
  • Democracy & Debate
  • Devolving Power

We support

  • Tackling climate change as a matter of urgency.
  • A continued close and collaborative relationship with the rest of Europe.
  • Reforming our electoral system to make it more proportionally representative.
  • Economic reforms to reduce inequality.
  • A properly funded NHS, free at the point of access, run purely for the public good.
  • Sustainable transport.
  • Initiatives to create a cohesive and tolerant community like Ely Community Against Hate and the Ely Great Get Together.