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Is the progressive electorate taking back control?

The idea of a progressive alliance is pretty well established now. The multiple progressive parties should work together to beat the single dominant right leaning party in our first past the post elections. 

The problem is the parties are reluctant to take the plunge. It’s not how they do things. In some cases it’s not allowed by their internal party rules. It’s a step into the unknown. It means conceding ground to other parties. It’s easier for them to stay in their comfort zone.

However by doing so they are letting their supporters down. By fighting each other they allow the right leaning minority to take power. 

But things might be changing. Recent elections have thrown up multiple examples of a progressive electorate forming an alliance despite the parties intransigence. The Chesham and Amersham by-election is the most recent example, but before that it also happened in this year’s county and mayoral elections. Progressive voters, voting for the best chance (or in the mayoral election using both their votes) to ensure a progressive victory.

Tactical voting like this has happened before of course. The difference now is that it has worked. Occupants of safe seats have been ousted by a progressive electorate working together for the common good.

Winning is infectious. When whatever you do fails to make a difference, you get disheartened and start to give up. But when you can see your approach works then that inspires. Each victory makes the next one a little easier. Success breeds success.

Is the progressive electorate realising that they can take back control?

Could we build on the local successes in the county and mayoral elections and elect a progressive MP? 

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