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County Elections show progressive alliance works – according to Tory Councillor

The 2021 County Council elections have seen the Tories lose seats and with them the control of the council.

There are, of course, many factors for this outcome but one is undoubtedly a progressive alliance, of sorts.

We know it was a factor because the Tory Councillor, Josh Schumann, explicitly said it was when interviewed by the Ely Standard after the results were announced:

“Largely, I believe that due to the fact that there wasn’t a full field of candidates available to voters – the Labour Party not putting candidates up in certain seats inevitably had an impact on the numbers and has resulted in us losing some really good Conservative councillors.” 

This wasn’t an organised alliance, of course. It appears to have come about more due to a lack of candidates than anything else. But, however it came about, it clearly had an effect.

The question now is, will the local progressive parties take note and work together at future elections?

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