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It’s time for a progressive alliance

IMG_20191214_094356As the charts above clearly show, and as most people realise, the progressive parties weren’t beaten by the Tories; they were beaten by First Past The Post (FPTP) and inter-party fighting again. In our constituency, like many others, we were treated to another instalment of Labour and the LibDems fighting to come second in a race where only first matters. This has to stop. They have to start working together. 

Our electoral system is in dire need of reform. We need proportional representation but we won’t get it under the Tories, the current system suits them perfectly. To get electoral reform, the progessive parties have to beat the Tories under the current system. For that we need a progressive alliance. 

If the parties continue to oppose an alliance at the national level, their local and regional levels could do it anyway. We have five years to build a really strong progressive alliance. There are lots of council elections between now and the next General Election, giving lots of opportunity to iron out the wrinkles.

We also have lots of common ground to rally around: tackling the climate emergency, rebalancing inequality in our society, repairing our relationship with Europe and obviously electoral and constitutional reform.

We can’t  beat the Tories by fighting each other. It’s time to bin the rosettes and start working together. It’s time for a progressive alliance. 

One comment on “It’s time for a progressive alliance

  1. Chris Horne
    December 14, 2019

    I am a Labour Party member and expected the drubbing we all got in the recent election. I couldn’t agree with you more!

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