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Election Results for East Cambs 2009-2017


LocalElectionResults 2009-2017 The graph above shows the vote shares for local and general elections in our area from 2009 to 2017*

The Liberal Democrats ran the District Council just before the period shown above but since then the Conservatives have dominated here. However it feels a little different this time around. Both the Liberal Democrats and Labour have been campaigning hard and there doesn’t appear to be the same splash of blue placards we’ve seen previously.

Perhaps we’ll see a change.

[UPDATE] Here’s the same graph updated with the 2019 District results.

Liberal Democrats increased their vote to around their best in 10 years, the Conservatives vote dropped but not as much as some expected and the Labour vote dropped back after it’s high for the 2017 general election.

LocalElectionResults 2009-2019

We’ve posted conversations with some of the candidates here.

*Note: older results were no longer available when we began keeping records.

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