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Why not stand as a City, Town or Parish councillor?


There are District, City, Town and Parish council elections on May the 2nd here in East Cambs.

The District Council elections are fought over by the political parties and will definitely happen as the parties ensure enough candidates stand.

The City, Town and Parish Council elections however are not generally fought on party lines and will only happen if enough people put themselves forward for election.

This lower tier of local government is a really important link to local communities but often there are no elections to give them an electoral mandate. There is also a tendency for councillors to roll over from one term to the next, meaning things can become stilted, lacking new ideas and direction. The make up of the these councils also tends to be councillors who are old and/or male, although some councils are better than others.

Being a councillor usually means committing to attend a meeting a month, although that varies from council to council. As a councillor you can help your community grow and flourish; build playgrounds, fund voluntary groups, improve local roads, make your community more cycle and pedestrian friendly and lots more.

If you have ideas and vision for your local community, want to make a contribution or feel you can provide wider representation, why not stand as for election to your local council?

All you have to do is:

  1. Download the Parish Council nomination pack from East Cambs
  2. Fill out the nomination forms
  3. Hand them in to East Cambs by 4pm on April the 4th

(you can alternatively hand them to your local clerk, contact details here).

Just by standing you can help the chances of an election taking place improving local democracy in your community.


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