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Why not close the station underpass to motorised traffic?

Following the completion of the Ely Southern Bypass, the underpass at the station closed for several weeks. It reopened just over two weeks ago and has already been struck by oversized vehicles twice. Each strike requires checks on the bridge to be made which can cause delays to rail traffic above it.

imageDuring the extended period when it was closed there was little impact on traffic flow. Now it has reopened the new layout does not appear to have many benefits and has not been well received, with local cyclists branding it dangerous and a lost opportunity.

Closing the underpass completely would open up the possibility of a number of improvements for pedestrians and cyclists around the station and in the wider area.

  • The pedestrian and cycle approach to the station could be vastly improved.
  • The pedestrian and cycle routes from the station to the river, the new river walk and NCN11 could could be made into an attractive feature.
  • The volume of traffic around the station, on Back Hill and Broad Street would be reduced.
  • And finally the risk of oversized vehicles striking the underpass would be completely removed.

The half hearted bodge we’ve been left with, is of little use to to anyone, dangerous for cyclists and continues to lead to bridge strikes.

Why not just close the station underpass to motorised traffic completely?

2 comments on “Why not close the station underpass to motorised traffic?

  1. Matthew
    March 16, 2019

    Good idea. It wouldn’t take much change. Just turn off the traffic lights, designate the carriageway as the cycleway, and leave access for emergency vehicles only. The station area could be so much nicer.


  2. Katie Betts
    March 16, 2019

    I totally agree.


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