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Will our MP Lucy Frazer stand up for the interests of her constituents and vote against this terrible Brexit deal?

We now know what the Brexit deal negotiated by Theresa May’s Government looks like.

A cludged together Canada style deal with backstops to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Those backstops are meant to be a workaround but could end up being a permanent limbo we can never leave.

The deal is predicted to leave us all ‘significantly worse off’ economically, democratically and socially without ‘taking back control’ in any meaningful way.

The deal’s only tangible ‘achievement’ is an end to freedom of movement, which will have a negative impact local technology, research and agricultural businesses in our area.

It’s being sold by the Government as the only possible deal, but that’s patently not the case. It is however the only possible deal available to this Government with its small majority, reliance on the DUP, deeply divided party and arbitary red lines.

There are other possible deals, better deals, but they can’t be negotiated by this Government.

This Government has failed to deliver an acceptable deal and its only other offer is no deal at all.

Parliament now has the chance to act.

beis20questions20132009202016202Our MP Lucy Frazer has the chance to vote in the interests of her constituents. Vote against this deal which delivers no benefits for our area but instead actively harms some of our local businesses. To do so she would have to resign from the Government.

She has a stark choice, vote against this deal and no deal in the interests of her constituents, or toe the party line in the interests of her career and the Government she is part of.


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