Ely & District Progressives

Local people attempting to shake up local politics

Next Public Meeting – Join Us!

It’s been a busy few months for the Ely Progressives. After our first public meeting on July 11th, we have been meeting in sub groups to discuss how best to put the wheels for the group in motion. These have mainly been focussing on setting up a strong structure for the group and establishing which policies we should be focussing on.  Transport, housing, education, and health services have been top of the list (and as such we’ve also been vocal in the fact that Ely’s Minor Injuries Clinic should stay open)! We’re now hosting our next public meeting to talk through the outcomes, and to hopefully spread the word about the group even further.

A group like ours needs enthusiastic and passionate members. We need people to talk about us, to create a spark and be willing to stand up for what’s best for the East Cambridgeshire district. That’s where you come in. Please come to the Ely Beet Club on the 22nd September from 8pm and join us as we talk about our group structure, our headline policies and how we can spread the message about the group far and wide. Its early days for the group, but with your help we can keep the momentum going and start to make a difference to our local politics.


Download the poster here [PDF]


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