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Statement on Ely Minor Injuries Unit

The potential closure of the Minor Injuries Unit at the Princess of Wales Hospital is a major concern. This excellent facility along with the outpatient and other services on the same site are vital for local people who would otherwise need to travel to Addenbrooke’s or Hinchingbrooke hospitals for treatment.The core of the problem is the Conservative reorganisation and funding of the NHS. Local Conservative councilors and MPs say that they recognise the importance of these services to local residents but are powerless to act against their Government’s drive to force the NHS to act like a private company.

The growing population In Cambridgeshire and expanding health needs coupled with serious under-funding and poor management (the Cambridge and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group are currently rated ‘inadequate’) means our local NHS service no longer meets the area’s needs.

To save our local services from further cuts or closure we propose immediate action by the CCG to bring together all options for the Princess of Wales Hospital and other local health provision, including GPs, into an integrated plan for the future health needs of the area.

Local MPs Lucy Frazer and Stephen Barclay and our local councilors need to recognise that NHS funding in Cambridgeshire is insufficient and unsustainable and to make an urgent case to government for more funding.

Ely deserves improved local health facilities including urgent care, outpatient, and GP services.


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This entry was posted on August 23, 2016 by in PoW MIU.