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The low turnout elephant in the room

The results from the multitude of elections last week allowed virtually all the parties to claim some sort of victory.

There has been a good deal of boasting about increased seat counts and percentages. It seems all the parties are pleased with how it went, even if that just means it wasn’t a total disaster.

But amid all this self-congratulation there has been little said about the appallingly low turnout. Less than 20% turned out in East Cambs to vote last Thursday.

This is a huge problem that all the parties and society as a whole is failing to seriously tackle. For some parties low turnout probably helps, as the die hard voters are generally the old and the party faithful. For the rest of us it means our elected representatives and the polices they enact have become heavily skewed.

To be fair all of the parties are, to varying degrees, trying to increase turnout, but it should be a much higher priority.

To get a more healthy democracy we need to solve the turnout problem. We need to get more people, especially younger people, involved in how the country is run.


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