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Let’s elect a progressive Police Commissioner

There was a great deal of apathy at the last Police and Crime Commissioner election. The outcome was a victory for the Conservative candidate who has proved to be pretty unpopular and is widely considered to have been ineffective.

This time around we have the chance to elect a progressive alternative.

There are 4 candidates, two from progressive parties and two from the more conservative parties.

The two progressives are (in alphabetical order):

Dave Baigent – Labour

Rupert Moss-Eccardt – LibDem

Follow the links to read what the candidates plan to do if elected. Details of all the Cambridgeshire PCC candidates can be found on the MyPCC website.

Second Preferences

The PPC election doesn’t use the First Past The Post (FPTP) system used in General and Council elections. Instead it uses the Supplementary Vote system.

This means you have 2 votes. A first preference and an optional second preference. Your second preference vote becomes important if no candidate receives over 50% of the first preferences. That is highly likely in Cambridgeshire.

This means you can vote for both progressive candidates (in which ever order you see fit) and increase the chance of avoiding another Conservative PCC.

Here’s how the second preference votes made a difference in the last PCC election (from Democratic Dashboard)


This video explains more about how you vote using the supplementary voting system.

This video explains how the second preference votes are taken into account.


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